A Vision For Development

Over the last four decades, Pistilli Realty Group has made its mark on the City of New York and beyond.

Part of New York

We’re committed to revitalizing what makes New York great and then ensure our tenants enjoy all that it has to offer. We strive to become part of the community by restoring neglected properties or building new developments that enrich the neighborhood. From Staten Island to the Bronx, Morningside Heights to Jamaica, we’ve reinvigorated communities with new construction and renovated buildings, creating homes in desirable locations for working families, young professionals, longstanding neighborhood inhabitants, and those looking to experience New York City living without compromise.

A Suite of Capabilities

Pistilli Realty Group has a firm grasp of the local market conditions, the state level regulations and the national economic climate. This helps our firm navigate market trends and find value where others do not. We have acquired non-performing assets as well as built ground-up construction. We manage all of our properties which allows us to maintain strong relationships with the local brokerage community. We care about our properties and the our tenants. We understand that our properties are only as good as the communities they are in.

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A History of Family

Tradition. Hard work. Loyalty. These are just a few of the values that have connected the Pistilli Realty Group to our tenants for over three generations. As a family owned and operated company, we understand the importance of strong relationships built on trust, service, and reliability. As a family-owned company, we strive to stay true to our roots and provide the services to improve the neighborhoods, communities and the lives of our tenants. As we’ve grown as a company, our approach has remained consistent: provide unique, affordable living options and diligent, committed service to the people who make New York City special.